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Micromax Premium

Micromax Premium is a fine granular fertilizer with trace elements. These are essential in order to obtain optimum plant growth. Micromax Premium ensures that the plant receives all the sufficient amounts of copper, zinc, iron, manganese, boron and molybdenum it requires. Everris knows these are equally as important as NPK, since if even one element is missing, it can hinder the plant’s growth potential.

Once Micromax Premium is applied to the growing media, the trace elements become bound to the humus complex. From here they become readily available for the plant. Micromax Premium stimulates the rooting system of the plant to ensure a good basis for healthy plant growth.

Micromax Premium also improves crop color due to its high iron content and is both easy and safe to use simply by mixing it into the growing media. Everris also recommends Micromax Premium because of its long lasting (up to 18 months) supply of trace elements to the plants.