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Select PeKacid 0-59-20 is a fully soluble single source, highly acidifying fertigation fertilizer that is extremely pure and clean. It is used in combination with other Select fertilizers, in combination with compounded products like Agrolution or Solinure or as a single fertilizer.

Select PeKacid 0-59-20 is the only solid, highly acidifying, dry mono-crystal, free flowing and water soluble fertigation fertilizer that contains both phosphorus and potassium. The unique formula makes it possible to use Select PeKacid as Select MKP in situations where a low pH is required. When dissolved in a 1% solution in the irrigation water Select PeKacid creates a pH of 2,2. Select PeKacid is exclusively sold via Everris in many countries.

Product advantages

  • Decreases pH of water and soil which helps to increase the uptake efficiency
  • Promotes uptake of (trace)elements in alkaline soils (pH >7) 
  • Promotes uptake of (soil)phosphorus and delivers readily available orthophosphate to the plant 
  • The acidification effect decreases P-fixation in the fertigated zone 
  • Clogged irrigation / fertigation systems become clean again 
  • Precipitated drippers clean up which allows the perceived volume to flow through 
  • Helps to clean the fertigation system which allows the system to reach its maximum efficiency 
  • Select PeKacid can be mixed with calcium and / or magnesium 
  • Can be used for a short time to clean pipes. 
  • Select PeKacid can be easily mixed with nitrogen products; therefore the user has full control over the nitrogen supplement to the crop

Use Select PeKacid as a solid phosphoric acid or acidifying Select MKP in your fertilization program. Select PeKacid is especially recommended in situations where low solution pH is required. Select PeKacid can be easily mixed with other Select products or combined with compound NPK water soluble fertilizers.  Do not mix with other phosphorus containing fertilizers. Before a new rate, product or application method is used, a small scale trial is recommended. Contact Everris or your professional advisor for specific advice and recommendations.

0% Nitrogen Total (N)
59% Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5)
  • 59.0% Water soluble
20% Potassium oxide (K2O)
  • 20.0% Water soluble
0% Nitrogen Total (N)
25.7% Phosphorus (P)
  • 25.7% Water soluble
16.6% Potassium (K)
  • 16.6% Water soluble