Controlled release fertilizers

The key to Precision Nutrition

Controlled release fertilizers (CRF) play a key role in improving yield, reducing nutrient losses and simplifying fertilizer application.

These products help to regulate the nutrient levels through the entire plant’s growth cycle. Younger plants are not harmed or stressed from excess salt levels, while mature plants have enough nutrition to last until the end of the growth cycle. A simple one-time application of Everris’ CRF delivers targeted nutrition that leads to uniform growth, optimum yield and resistant plants: maximum results with minimal effort.

The benefits of Everris' CRF at a glance:

  • Higher nutrient efficiency through reduced losses
  • Higher or equal yield with less mineral input due to continual feeding
  • Less applications = less costs
  • Better for the environment due to reduced leaching
  • Enhanced crop uniformity thanks to controlled nutrition
  • Greater protection against early season “salt stress”
  • Enhanced crop uniformity thanks to controlled nutrition


Agroblen (Resin Coating)

Agroblen is the top brand in Everris' controlled release fertilizer portfolio. Agroblen contains a 100% coated NPK granule and is available in various longevities.

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Agromaster Base (E-Max™ Coating)

Your fertilizer program must be superior to maintain a secure and profitable business. For this reason, Everris created Agromaster - a product that is superior in performance, but simple to use.

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