Nursery stock, perennials, pot & bedding plants

Innovative technology, specialty solutions and expert advice

Everris' ornamental horticulture range leads the way in innovative technology that results in advanced solutions and the highest quality fertilizers.
We have developed powerful coated fertilizers and water soluble fertilizers including state-of-the-art brands Osmocote, Peters and Universol. Our Osmocote Exact product is recognized by professional growers as the leading fertilizer product that delivers optimum results.

All of Everris for ornamental horticulture share one thing in common: they provide precisely what plants need to flourish and be profitable. Our team of dedicated technical experts ensure your fertilization plan is tailored to match your production system and your crop's nutritional needs.

Trace element packages

Everris has conducted extensive research to develop state-of-art products that have exactly the correct ratio of trace elements to maximise your plants’ growing capacity.

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