Polysulphate® fertilizer is a soluble, easily-absorbed, cost-effective answer to crop nutrition, containing four key plant nutrients:

  • sulphur
  • potassium
  • magnesium
  • calcium


Innovative and highly versatile, this natural, multi-nutrient mineral is low in chloride and crop safe, suitable for use alone or in blends and compound fertilizers.


Standard, Granular, Premium

Polysulphate® fertilizer is the foundation of our fertilizer family. It is a multi-nutrient, natural fertilizer mined and produced in the UK exclusively by ICL.

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PotashpluS & PKpluS

Find your formula in the ICL PKpluS fertilizer range to meet the specific requirements of your crop and soil.

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Available in its natural form, Polyhalite (marketed as Polysulphate® fertilizer) is UK-sourced and has a low carbon footprint. It delivers dependable high value, for low environmental impact.

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