Orange is a perennial crop, grown in a wide range of soil types, from sand, through loam to clay, acidic to alkaline. Climate: arid to humid. Minimum temperature is the limiting factor, though the killing effect varies with variety, rootstock, trees dormancy, the absolute minimum temperature and its duration. Best orange mineral nutrition regime includes the use of fertigation with fully-soluble fertilizers, and foliar feeding. CRF in the plantinghole is used during planting of young trees.

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Nutrivant Booster

Nutrivant Citrus Quality delivers a designated nutritional package for citrus crops. Crop quality is improved and there is a phenomenal increase in the citrus yield.

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Agroblen 17-9-8+4MgO | 8-9M

Agroblen 17-9-8+4MgO is a fully coated, NPK controlled release fertilizer designed for medium to long-term crops. It has enough nutrients to feed the plant throughout 8 – 9 month crop cycle. This continuous supply of nutrients creates a fantastic uniform crop growth.

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